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Drink Studio is a simple, interactive web application that enables you to easily explore cocktail and mixed drink recipes you can make using ingredients that you specify.

Only the Best Cocktail Recipes

All of our cocktail and mixed drink recipes were meticulously entered by hand by approved administrators with a careful eye for completeness and a taste for perfection, ensuring that you will only find the best recipes on Drink Studio without having to wade through obscure or crude concoctions. For common mixed drinks, we adhere to the most widely accepted standards of ingredients, proportions, and mixing techniques.

So have fun and learn more about the art of drink making as you explore our many drink recipes with our easy-to-use interface. Hopefully, you will find this site as useful as we do!

How to Use

Start by visiting the "What Can I Make With...?" section of the website and typing an ingredient such as “vodka,” “rum,” or “tequila” into the ingredients search box on the left.

As you type, the ingredient search will present you with a drop-down menu of available ingredients that you can choose. Once you select an ingredient from the drop-down menu by moving the mouse or using the up/down keys on your keyboard, click or press enter and the currently highlighted ingredient from the drop-down menu will be added to your list of ingredients.

Upon adding an ingredient, a list of drink recipes using some or all of your ingredients will be displayed on the right. Although our sorting methods are private, cocktails are generally ordered by those most easily made with the ingredients you have added.

Each drink recipe in the list is displayed with its ingredients. Notice that ingredients you have added to your list are highlighted in green, while those you don't have are highlighted in red. You can click on a drink’s name to see the exact ingredient measurements and other recipe details.

You can also remove ingredients from your list by clicking on the remove icon to the right of their respective names.

Don’t worry about losing your ingredient list. Drink Studio will save your ingredients without requiring you to sign up or log in, as long as you're using the same computer as you were the last time you visited.


Already have something in mind? You can easily search for a cocktail from the search box at the top-right. There's no need to worry about correct spelling, either. Drink Studio will take care of that for you using phonetic search.

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